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Russian Prison Tattoos


This is really fascinating.

It is not known when tattooing first became a common practice in Russian prisons and Stalinist Gulags. Soviet researchers first discovered and studied this underground activity in the 1920s; photographs of prisoners from that period suggest an already elaborate and highly developed subculture. More than simple decoration, the images symbolically proclaim the wearer's background and rank within the complex social system of the jailed.

(Thanks to Radmila from My2SecondShelflife for the link)

Posted by Chris at 6:40 AM
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im just wondering if ...
if you care
if you think about me
if you miss me
if you trust me
if you want to see me again
if you think im pretty
if you listen to me
if you miss all amazing moments we had
if im important to you
if im something more than just another
if im smart enough
if im good enough for you
if you mind something when i attend to have you
if you silly boy understand i love you
already know it
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